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  When placed in a sanatorium "Arcadia", Guest assumes the obligation to pay for services rendered and shall be responsible for compliance with these rules for the duration of your stay.

                                                              1. General Provisions.

1.1. These rules govern the relationship between the sanatorium "Arcadia" and guests - citizens of Ukraine,
foreign citizens and legal persons in the exercise of spa services.
1.2. Sanatorium services are services for the provision of rooms (beds in rooms) for a temporary stay of customers, the use of balneal department, dining room, sitting area

                                        2. Provision of rooms for temporary accommodation.

2.1. The sanatorium "Arcadia" is designed for temporary accommodation of guests for the period agreed with the administration.
2.2. Administration allows each guest's stay in a sanatorium only in the paid period. Guests who wish to extend their stay in the resort, according to the administrator of the sanatorium, not later than one day prior to the expiration of the stay. If the room is booked by other persons, guests can be given a different number (if available).
2.3. When guests are not within 2 hours of booked arrival time, in the absence of warning about the delay - the reservation is canceled.
2.4. If the visitor, without good cause and without the consent of the administration of the sanatorium will decide to terminate the stay in a sanatorium, the administration will not reimburse guest for the value of services actually unused days.

                                                     3. Fee for sanatorium service.

3.1. Payment for the stay and the services provided by the sanatorium, carried out in local currency, cash or cashless settlement.
3.2. The fee for a stay in a sanatorium will be charged in full on arrival Guest.
3.3. In case of absence of funds on the current account of the sanatorium stay when paying for non-cash payment, the Guest accommodations at a resort is not performed.
3.4. Information on the number and prices of additional services is at the front of the hotel manager (hall 1 floor). The fee per stay will be charged depending on the room category and the period of stay of the guests.
3.5. The fee for a stay in a sanatorium is produced per day or for half a day:
3.6 out time in a sanatorium and 12:00. Early check-in before 14:00 and late check-out after 12:00 is charged at half the per night rate.
3.7. When leaving the guest is obliged to make final payments for the additional services.
3.8. In case of early departure guest must pay a fine in the amount of cost per room in accordance with its category.

                                              4. Policies in the sanatorium "Arcadia"

4.1. Accommodation in a sanatorium on the basis of presentation of identity documents: passports, identity cards, and in their absence - one of the following documents: certificate of the required form, which is issued in case of loss of passport, military ID (for conscripts), driver's license, birth certificates for children under the age of sixteen.
4.2. Foreign nationals impose administrator passport, visa and migration card.
4.3. Pets are not allowed.
4.5. In accordance with Ukrainian legislation, Guest indemnify in case of loss or damage to property of the resort, and is also responsible for the violations caused invited them to parties.
4.6. With the loss of room key, guest pays the penalty in the amount of 100 UAH.
4.7. Rooms are cleaned daily. If the guest does not need cleaning, it posted the corresponding label on the door handle from the side of the corridor.
4.7.1. Bed linen is changed in the rooms "LUX" on the 4-day stay in a sanatorium (not counting the day of arrival); Room "junior suite" on the 5th day of your stay (not including the day of arrival);
4.7.2. Replacement of towels in the room "De Luxe" comes the next day, in the "Junior" - on a 3-day stay in the room.
Additional bed linen - 100 UAH, towel - 50 UAH.
4.8. Valuables, documents in a safe place. For items left unattended, can not be held liable resort.
4.9. Guests must take care of the property, equipment sanatorium, to observe sanitary norms and public order.
4.10. For personal safety and property resort guests should:
- When leaving the room to close the taps plumbing fixtures, windows, door to the room;
- Follow the rules of fire safety.
4.11. In order to ensure the order and safety of guests, NOT in the resort:
- Create inconvenience and disturb others who are in a sanatorium;
- Leave outsiders in the room in his absence;
- Transmit to unauthorized persons room key;
- Store Room bulky items, flammable, explosive, toxic, narcotic substances and materials;
- No smoking in rooms, halls and corridors of the sanatorium;
- Use space heaters, if it is not provided in the room of the sanatorium.
4.12. When leaving the resort guest is obliged to hand over the room, make a final payment for the provision of additional services.
4.13. The reception rooms are done within 5-7 minutes.
4.14. Guest acknowledges and does not object to the fact of use in corridors and halls of the resort of video surveillance systems.

                                              5. Rights and responsibilities of the parties.

5.1.Sanatory, subject to these Rules, guarantee a right to use the services offered by the sanatorium without any intervention on the part of the sanatorium or other persons who claim that they are acting on behalf of or at the direction of the sanatorium.
5.2. Guest assumes the obligation to pay for services rendered to the sanatorium and is responsible for compliance with these Rules.
5.3. When deficiencies are found offers may, at its discretion, to demand:
- Gratuitous elimination of defects;
- Equivalent replacement services;
5.4. The resort is not responsible for the operation of urban communications (disconnection of light, water, heat, etc.).
5.5. The resort has the right to terminate the agreement with the guest in the case of repeated or gross violation of these Rules guest staying in motels. When eviction guest is obliged to pay for services actually rendered to him.
5.6. Guests can terminate the contract. In case of early termination of the contract and pre-paid services, provided that the requirements of this Regulation 3.7, resort returns to the client funds in the amount of the unclaimed service.
5.7. In other cases not provided in these Regulations, resort and guest guided by the current legislation.
Enjoy your vacation!                                                                                              Administration